Völga – Völga


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  • Multikulti Project
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  • CD
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  • experimental/lo-fi

All that tend to expect from an improvising quartet, all the typical delight which we imbibe from the improvising trumpet, guitar, double bass and drums, lose all its significance at this very moment. The album in front of us will significantly break our longstanding acoustic habits, the album which, in 47 minutes, will raise questions and give answers.

Three Catalans and One Andalusian from the heart of Barcelona – assuming rather unusual name Völga – take us on a journey through the world of improvised sounds mainly aiming is to surprise.

Youthfulness, vitality and unpredictability – these are the basic attributes of Völga. Iván González, Fernando Carrasco, Àlex Reviriego i Vasco Trilla altogether are younger than
a contemporary, two-person band of British masters of sub-genre improvisation AMM. This is the only clue for those of us who wish to escape to the world of their music upon the purchase of the album.