Ritual Veil ‎– Wolf In The Night



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  • Sello:
  • BFE Records
  • Formato:
  • Cassette
  • Género:
  • synth/wave

“The Portland based trio of A. Alexander Wolfe (Vocals), Wolfgang Williams (Guitar), and Tim Iserman (Synth/Programming) cater to all your death disco needs, as Ritual Veil are well versed in the pleasures of synth & sin.

There’s some serious nods to Depeche Mode embedded in their DNA, especially in the blackened sex appeal of Wolfe’s rich Gahan-sian vocal styling, all while the arrangement bristles with taut energy.

“Favorite Toy” is pure sexbeat of the highest order, as Williams and Iserman lay a fitting bed of club ready goth pop for Wolfe to vocally gyrate over.

Ritual Veil know their way around a perfect pop gem, one that pulls from sultry mechanics and dancefloor urgency, while deploying such gothly weapons as an echoed beat, pulsing synths, and cooled vocal exuberance…” Screaming For Years