Kali Malone ‎– Velocity of Sleep



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  • Sello:
  • Xkatedral
  • Formato:
  • LP
  • Género:
  • ambient / drone

Velocity of Sleep is Kali Malone’s first full length record featuring a compilation of her compositions for baroque string instruments, gongs and electronics. Slowly unfolding in minimalist form, the record grows as an additive pattern from a single note to a thicket of septimal melodies played on the lute and expanded into canon via tape delays. On the B side, gongs are struck lullingly, amounting to shrieks as they’re stroked upon a throbbing foundation of sine waves. The end of the record lands in a spectral monolith of bowed gamba, double bass and viola.

XK11 / XKBE2 Split released by XKatedral and Bleak Environment. Edition of 100 Records.

Kali Malone (b. 1994) is a musician and composer from Colorado currently based in Stockholm. In recent years her solo works have focused on utilising unique tuning systems for string and wind instruments, modular synthesiser, pipe
organ and electric guitar. Malone is currently active in the groups Upper Glossa with Caterina Barbieri, Sorrowing Christ, Swap Babies and with Swedish techno
producer Dan Vicente (Acronym). Her music has been presented by Berlin Atonal and Norberg Festival, and her releases can be found on Ascetic House, Total Black, Bleak Environment, Fylkingen Records, and on the label she runs with Maria Horn, XKatedral.