Golden Offence Orchestra ‎– Ode To Pauline Oliveros



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  • Sello:
  • Xkatedral
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  • Cassette
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  • ambient / drone

On this tribute tape, Golden Offence Orchestra performs the composition of pioneer American minimalist Pauline Oliveros “To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe In Recognition of Their Desperation”. This piece asks the performers to individually choose five pitches and slowly reveal them in long tones. Oliveros gives written directions for the conductor and musicians to engage in imitation, power play and hierarchical struggles. If anyone becomes dominant, the rest of the group should raise up and absorb that dominance back into the texture of the music, resulting in dense symphonic layers of sustained melancholic tension.
XK09 Edition of 150 tapes

Golden Offence Orchestra was active in Stockholm from 2012 – 2014 solely devoted to playing Pauline Oliveros’ “To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe In Recognition of Their Desperation”. After about six months of playing this music, Oliveros’ compositional tactics began to infiltrate the social behaviours and exchanges within the ensemble. The interpretational complexities of the score musically and socially manifested tensions between individual will, group mentality and hierarchy structures. The Golden Offence Orchestra eventually dissolved just as the piece does. Oliveros’ music has the ability to brutally transform the senses, and by doing so, to transform and crack perceptions of sensational and social constructs. Golden Offence Orchestra members heard on this recording include Ellen Arkbro, Elsa Bergman, Isak Edberg, Mats Erlandsson, Marta Forsberg, Lisa Grotherus, Anna Högberg, Kali Malone, Hampus Norén, Marcus Pal, Sara Parkman, and Emma Sildén.