Dufwa ‎– Fältinspelningar från Terres de l’Ebre



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  • Sello:
  • Xkatedral
  • Formato:
  • Cassette
  • Género:
  • experimental/lo-fi
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  • musique concrète/field recording

Mats Erlandsson and Maria W Horn meet as Dufwa in heavy synthesis, wielding insect field recordings sourced from the spanish countryside. Dufwa’s debut release, Fältinspelningar från Terres de l’Ebre (Field recordings from Terres de l’Ebre), defies the standard conception one might have about field recording music. By means of intricate digital processing, Dufwa scrapes the natural source-bonding from their insectoid recordings and sonically contorts them onto a continuum between drone, noise and generative music. XK10, Edition of 100 tapes.

Mats Erlandsson is a composer of electronic music based in Stockholm where he, apart from his artistic activities, works as a studio assistant at the prestigious Elektronmusikstudion – EMS. While mainly focused on solo electronic music, he has also composed music for dance, chamber ensembles and worked with live-electronics together with various collaborators including Katt Hernandez, Maria W Horn and Yair Elazar Glotman. Mats’ music has been performed both in Sweden and internationally at festivals such as the Norberg Festival, Intonal, Berlin Atonal, Flussi Festival, Eufonics and Sound of Stockholm. His previous releases can be found on Posh Isolation, XKatedral and Miasma.
Maria w Horn is a composer from the north of Sweden based in Stockholm. Working with the manipulation of time and space through sonic extremes and the overload/loss of perceptual stimuli, her musical output oscillates between extended drone textures and high-density gestural music, often including intense strobe lights and visual material. She is part of Sthlm Drone Society – an association working to promote slow and gradually evolving timbral music. Her work has been presented at Intonal, Issue Project Room, Herrensauna, Dommune and Norberg Festival. Her previous releases can be found on Holodisc, Ambitious tapes and XKatedral.