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  • techno/house

it’s incredible how Nervoso and many of his compatriots seem to be able to make challenging fascinating and unexpected dance music from the simplest of ingredients.

He’s barely bothered to process his hits, there’s a minimum happening at any point, and somehow the result is hard, knocking dance music that could wake the dead. If you’re getting sick of fussy production and tracks built from tricks more than ideas, Nervoso is the antidote.

Much of batida’s appeal is its hyped energy, but some of the deepest grooves here draw from the slower, sexier pace of tarraxinha. It’s inspiring to hear how a keen sense of syncopation can do so much with so little.

Much of the album operates in this modular style of propulsive, lucid minimalism. Nervoso generates drama by varnishing and stripping layers of syncopation and texture from his tracks, revealing works that have been sheared to the bone, sinew and rhythm replacing melody and flesh. These are virulent, mutant dance tracks.